Startup Online Training Program is to help you learn about Web Technology services, and employment opportunities in Web Technology. In this training, we will teach you on how to create and manage all web services and various types of websites by using latest web software applications. These web software applications/tools do not require any programming skills, and no prior knowledge/experience needed in web technology.

Web Registry Training:

    1. Web Technology Fundamentals
    2. Web Domains
      • Top Level Domains
      • Web Domains Registration
      • DNS Management
    3. Web Hosting
      • Linux & Windows Web Hosting
      • Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting
      • Web Servers: Dedicated Servers and VPS Servers
      • Cloud Hosting and Cloud Servers
      • Create Web Hosting
      • Hosting Control Panel
      • Reseller Hosting
    4. Email Hosting
      • Business Email Hosting
      • G-Suite (Google Apps for Business)
      • Email SMTP Servers
    5. Website Design & Development
    6. Web Security Systems
      • SSL Security Certificates
      • Website Malware Security
    7. Web Registry
      • Web Registry Setup
      • Web Registry Customization
      • Web Registry Billing & Payments setup
      • Setting Your own Pricing for all Web Services
    8. Digital Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Mobile Marketing
      • Social Media Marketing