FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is StartUp Online program?

A group of well experienced Technologists joined together to help unemployed youth and women to start up their online business at zero cost. All Indians are welcome to use this service.

Who can start up Web Registry?

Any individual with a computer and internet connection can start Web Registry as a small business to earn money online/offline by selling web services. Only some basic knowledge is required on Web Technologies.

You can run this Part-time or Full-time. It is an online business, you can run this business either full-time or part-time while doing your regular job. It gives you additional income with minimal efforts in your convenient timings.

Who are my customers? How can I earn money?

Any individual, professional, small business, or corporate company who are looking for web services. You can earn money by creating web services using Web Registry portal. In Web Registry, you can sell more than 100 types of web services, You can earn around ₹5000 to ₹30,000 on each customer website per year.

How can I get customers?

Whatever the business you do, marketing and business promotion is necessary to make your prospective clients know about your products and services.

To become successful in Web Services business, You do not need any expertise in marketing. Marketing is nothing but you tell others about your business and your services, so that they can contact you when they need service from you. To do this, you can use internet to reach a lot of people for free of cost using emails, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, or other social media.

What profits I get from Web Registry?

You can set your own prices for all the services. Usually every webstore can earn about 20% to 40% profits on the Registry pricing.

How much time should i spend everyday?

Web Registry is completely automated. After one-time setup, you need not spend time on executing the orders. You only need to spend some time on promotion, and customer queries, if any.

I don’t have Web programming skills. Can I run this business?

Definitely. With the availability of advanced software tools, nowadays all the web services are being created and managed without any programming skills.

Can I sell web services worldwide?

Definitely. Web Registry support multiple languages and multiple currency. You can fully customize your webstore for any language and currency.

Can I see a live demo of Web Registry portal?

Sure. You can check the features and its performance at www.webist.in

www.webist.in is a live business website, serving hundreds of customers and their websites.

How to Setup Web Registry?

Interested people should contact us (email: mail@startuponline.in ) with their details. We assist you in the process to setup Web Registry.

How long does it take to setup Web Registry?

Usually within 10 to 15 working days after you submit your application.

Is there any setup cost for Web Registry setup?

No. We are providing free setup and free training to encourage startups and small businesses.

Is there any cost/fee for Training?

No. We provide free online training along with the setup. We also supply free help material on how to manage the Web Registry and your own branded web registry portal.

How Web Registry Works?

Web Registry is loaded with fully automated systems that create web services instantly by using advanced automated software.

Step 1: Setup Web Registry

Step 2: Update your options in Web Registry to modify your branding, contact details, payment options, customer options, etc.

Step 3: Configure your frontend webstore

Step 4: Set your prices for all services, which will be usually 30% to 50% more than the actual cost from Registry.

Step 5: Customers visit your webstore to buy domains, hosting, servers, web design, emails, and other web services

Step 6: When customers buy a web service on your webstore, he/she pays the price you set in your webstore.

How to pay money to Web Registry?

For the web services you buy for your customers, You can pay money to Web Registry by using your debit/credit cards, Netbanking and/or UPI/NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.

How can I manage customers and their billing in Web Registry?

Web Registry is fully equipped automated system that has admin control panel to manage customers, prices, orders, billing, payments, and customization of your front-end webstore. You can do unlimited transactions on unlimited customers.

Control Panel has the following features:

  • Setup Your own prices for all services
  • Create Unlimited customers
  • Create Unlimited website orders/services
  • Your own Branded Control panel for your customers
  • Easy Admin Panel to manage everything
  • Online Billing with built-in invoicing system
  • Online Payments with Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Service Tax options available
  • Intelligent Shopping to Upsell Products
  • Email and SMS Updates about Your Account
  • Coupon engine to offer discounts to your customers.
  • Quick Help Knowledgebase available for setup, manage, customize

What type of technical support available?

  1. We supply the free help material on how to manage the Web Registry and your webstore. It consists of hundreds of articles and FAQ with answers.
  2. We provide training on Web Registry during the setup.
  3. We provide 24/7 premium technical support through email, phone, or live chat.

Can I access the Registry from my Mobile?

Yes. You can operate the Web Registry in a Smartphone or Tablet with WIFI/3G/4G internet access.

Are there any readymade web designs and web software available?

Yes. We have a library with a lot of premium web designs and web software to help you start up with confidence.

Can I sell my own products/services while running Web Registry?

Yes. Apart from the given services, you can also sell your own products/services, such as web designing, logo design, web marketing, website management, business IT services, etc.

Ready Web Designs and Web Software Tools

24×7 Technical Support

  • We supply the free help material of 1500 articles
  • Free live training on Web Registry after the setup.
  • We help you on how to manage the Registry and your webstore.
  • 24/7 technical support by email, phone, or live chat.
  • We keep you updated on the web technology news.
  • Library of latest web designs and web software.

How to Start?

Please contact:  mail@startuponline.in

For demo, to see how your Web Registry portal will look, You can check www.webist.in as this is a working live portal.