Web Services Online Business Startup Program

About Us

StartUpOnline.in is started by a group of well experienced Technologists joined together to help unemployed youth and women to start up their online web services business at zero cost. All Indians are welcome to use this service.

Objective: Web Technologies are expected to play a key role in the present and future of our lives. Aim of the Online Startup program is to create the self-employment in Web Technology and expand the web services to small towns and rural areas.

Under this program, any individual can start Web Registry as a small business to earn money online/offline by selling web services. This program helps unemployed youth and women to start their own business to empower their financial status.


Why Should You Start a Web Service Business

  • Web services became mandatory for every professional and business, from planning to execution and marketing. Website Design, Web Hosting, Emails, SMS, Mobile Apps, Cloud services and Digital Marketing are the most demanding services today in India.
  • As of 2018, Only 25% of businesses and professionals in India are using web services. It raises to 75% in the next 5 years.
  • With the trend of smartphones and 4G internet, Web services are growing very fast.
  • Email/Website/Mobile-App became very important for every business or professional.
  • Digital India program (from Govt. of India) accelerating the growth of web services in India through:
    • Public Internet Access
    • Online Education
    • Mobile Payments
    • Ecommerce Webshops
    • Digital Marketing
    • Online Services
    • Online Employment
    • E-Governance
    • E-Health services
  • Compared to market growth, there is huge demand for local web service providers who can give both online and offline customer support.

Advantages in Self-Employment with Web Registry

  • Easy Startup with our professional support and training.
  • Zero Running Cost as it is an online business system.
  • Earn upto 40% profit on sales of all web services. No Programming skills needed.
  • Lifetime Recurring Income from customers on renewal of all web services every year.
  • White-Label Reseller – You can sell all the web services on your own brand-name and we provide the required backend Technical support.
  • Future is Web Technology – By 2025 year, 90% businesses and services will be online.
  • Build Your Network by providing web services to other professionals and businesses.
  • Work from Home – You can work at your comfortable timings and locations.
  • Career Growth – It is an opportunity to grow from an individual to an IT Web services company. As a business owner, You’re more valued. You inspire others.


What is Web Registry?

Web Registry is a Fully Automated web services business portal, which is connected with all web domain registration systems, Linux/Windows hosting servers, Cloud servers, Email hosting servers, Web Design tools, and various Web Security systems. Web Registry creates web services instantly.

Web Registry Features

  • Fully Automated web service business system that creates web services instantly.
  • Easy to Operate. Easy Admin Panel can help you manage customers, prices, orders, billing, payments, and customization of your webstore.
  • White-label Reseller business system, where you run the business on your own brand-name, and we provide you all the technical support from the backend.
  • Zero Investment on Hardware. You need not invest money in server infrastructure. Web Registry gives you the accessibility to thousands of Web hosting servers, Cloud servers, Email servers, Web Design tools, SMS Gateways, and Web Security systems.
  • Lifelong Recurring Income on renewal payments by customers on all web services.
  • No Programming Skills Needed. It has built-in easy to use drag and drop website building software tools. You just need some basic knowledge, which can be easily learned through our free tutorials and training videos.
  • Online Global Reach with Multiple Languages and Multiple currency support.
  • GST-Ready Online Billing & Payments make you serve customers worldwide.
  • Built-in DIY Website Builder with 500+ attractive templates and 85000 royalty-free images.
  • Sell at Your Own Price. You can modify the price of web services on the sales portal.
  • Unlimited Options. Web Registry sales portal can manage unlimited number of services, unlimited customers, unlimited orders, and unlimited online payments.
  • Customization Options to customize the sales portal branding, services, pricing, content, contacts, etc.

*** You can start this National/International reachable Online Business in a day with a smallest budget.

List of Products & Services You can Sell using Web Registry

The following web services you can create and sell online through your own Web Registry E-Commerce portal and earn upto 40% profit on customer payments:

  • Website Development
    • Basic Websites
    • Advanced Websites
    • E-Commerce Websites
    • Mobile Sites/Apps
  • Web Domains: 1500+ TLDs ( full list of TLDs at http://www.startuponline.in/domains/ )
  • Email Solutions
    • Business Email Accounts
    • Enterprise Email Accounts
    • G-Suite (Google Apps for Business)
    • Email Marketing Services
  • Web Hosting
    • Linux/Windows Shared Hosting
    • Linux/Windows Reseller Hosting
    • Cloud Hosting
    • WordPress Hosting
  • Web Servers
    • VPS Servers
    • Dedicated Servers
    • Managed Servers
  • Web Security
    • SSL Certificates
    • Codeguard Website Backup Service
    • SiteLock Malware detector

Estimated Turnover & Profits

Under Web Registry, you are facilitated to sell more than 30 web services, whose price ranging from ₹500 to ₹30,000. One customer can buy domain, hosting, email, web design, web marketing services, website security, and site maintenance services.

Order value per website = ₹5,000 to ₹30,000.

Whatever the business you do, marketing and business promotion is necessary to make your prospective clients know about your products and services. With basic marketing (online and offline) methods, any startup can easily get 1 to 3 orders per day.

Case 1: 1 orders per day

Monthly Turnover = (minimum) ₹5000 x 1 orders/day x 30 days = ₹1,50,000 per month

Estimated Monthly Profits = 33% of Turnover = ₹50,000 per month


Case 2: 3 orders per day

Monthly Turnover = (minimum) ₹5000 x 3orders/day x 30 days = ₹4,50,000 per month

Estimated Monthly Profits = 33% of Turnover = ₹1,50,000 per month


Monthly Overheads = At minimum, No other expenses because the business is web-based. You can run the business online/offline from home using a computer with internet connection.

After 1 year, you may have more than 300 customers with at least ₹5000 revenues per customer. With increasing customer base, your business and revenues grow further.


Ready Web Designs and Web Software Tools


24×7 Technical Support

  • We supply the free help material of 1500 articles
  • Free live training on Web Registry after the setup.
  • We help you on how to manage the Registry and your webstore.
  • 24/7 technical support by email, phone, or live chat.
  • We keep you updated on the web technology news.
  • Library of latest web designs and web software.


How to Start?

Please contact: mail@startuponline.in

For demo, to see how your Web Registry portal will look, You can check www.webist.in as this is a working live portal.

Also check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)